Anonymous said: Where are you all playing with fys?

tour dates are posted on our facebook dawg!


glasper said: The house show at Guelph the past weekend was pure friendship!

oh hell yeah dude. thanks for rollin out!


childlike-creature said: I'm psyched to see you guys open for gob at the seahorse next month!! ugh, can it it be october 17th already? I have no patience for this.

i’m just honestly so pumped to get maxwells again. 


Anonymous said: Aww you guys never come by northern CA!

Yo what? We are playing a Slim’s in SF with Four Year Strong November 6 

Thank you Riot Fest

Thank you Riot Fest

Sea Boyz

Sea Boyz


thepizzaafflicti0n said: my birthday is next Wednesday (September 3rd) im gonna be 15 so can you pls wish me an early happy birthday i will be very happy peACE OUT HOMIEZ$ 💖

Well look it’s still Wednesday the 3rd. Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said: yoooooo will you guys have stickers on the canadian tour with gob??

most likely 




I had the pleasure of hosting an interview and acoustic session with Seaway on my radio station when they stopped in Eugene this summer. Heres a little video of their acoustic songs.

To check out the full interview, go to

This is great. Shout to Adam fulling engaged on his phone. haha. 

Check out this quick acoustic video if a set we did during our last time in Oregon. 


Anonymous said: You guys releasing vinyls??


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