foreverthemockingjay said: ah thats awesome! i'll make sure im at your london show whenever you guys get over here!

We’re coming!


bodernmaseball said: Sorry for giving you an awkward hand shake that one time.

Nothing awkward about it! Partyyy


Anonymous said: You know what sucks? Loving this band but being unable to see you cause i live in fucking spain



-asymptote said: stoked to see you guys in South Florida again. you guys put on the sickest set

thanks man, hope you liked the set!


Anonymous said: I'm not patient, get your butts over to the UK. We love you and we better get to meet you guys.

we are. Which date will you be at?


Anonymous said: What kind of guarantees do you guys normally get?

whoa whoa whoa, who’s asking?


sarakutt said: I'm beyond surprised to see they still do shows in Sault Ste Marie

why is that?


mostlypoor said: I had a blast at your show in Birmingham. You guys killed it. Come back to Alabama soon.

That show was sick. We’ve got a lot of tour dates coming up so we’ll be back eventually. Road trip out to an FYS date!


seventy-times-jellyfish said: You guys make me more punk rock

You make us more punk rock. Come to a gig and get wild. 


fadedghost said: I would buy that shirt in a heartbeat.

Hell Yeah!